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After travelling the globe and experiencing how other cultures use tea as part of their daily routines, we were inspired to create Tea Culture so we could share our love for tea with the world. Drinking tea brings people together, it helps you relax and unwind, and can also have a beneficial effect on your wellbeing.

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Our unique blends of loose leaf tea have been formulated by a qualified naturopath and experienced tea maker to ensure they taste perfect and tick all the health boxes. We only use premium, organic herbs and spices as quality is important to us.

Sticky Chai

Our sticky chai is a fragrant blend of loose leaf black tea, traditional spices and zesty Australian ginger. It’s 100% organic, vegan (bee friendly) and fructose-free. We don’t use honey. Instead, we coat our spices in organic rice malt syrup, giving it a sweet and sticky finish.

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