Hey there!! My name is Ellie J Brooks and I’m a 22-year-old professional surfer currently competing internationally on the WSL qualifying series, aspiring to one day make the world tour. Despite this being my ultimate goal and dream career, I haven’t put all of my eggs in one basket – I’m studying business management and marketing at university part time. I also have a huge passion for health and fitness, which is great considering the athletic demands of surfing as a sport. I also pride myself on looking after my body, which means my diet needs to be extremely strict to get me through my study, my training regime and my competitive life. That doesn’t mean bland, boring food though – I love cooking raw treats and brewing delicious tea. My new favourite is Tea Culture’s Vegan Sticky Chai. My mouth is watering at the thought!

I am so excited to be aligned with such an authentic and quality brand. From the very first tea I made I was hooked. It changed my entire tea experience. What was I doing before tea culture?! Their ingredients are ethically sourced and certified organic, naturopath formulated and uniquely crafted by experienced tea makers. A lot of teas have hidden nastys in them… that’s why I love Tea Culture so much – it has none of those bad additives or preservatives.

As a surfer I train in the gym A LOT, and recently my coach told me too much coffee can leave you with adrenals fatigue. So, I cut down my coffee intake and replaced it with sticky chai. I’ve noticed an increase in energy and less inflammation and fluid retention since introducing Tea Culture into my life! I mix it up – if it is a super-hot day I’ll create an iced chai with some added lemon, or if its late afternoon I’ll usually have it hot with some coconut milk. I highly recommend it to all you tea lovers, get on this chai bandwagon, you won’t regret it!

As well as limiting my coffee intake by drinking tea, I stick to a plant based diet with the addition of fish or chicken. I avoid any gluten and dairy as I find that really doesn’t agree with me, hence why I use the coconut milk in my teas! I try add in greens wherever I can possible (so basically every meal haha). Happy on the inside leads to happiness on the outside as cheesy as that may sound!!

I’m so grateful to have found Tea Culture!! Thank you!

El, xx



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You can visit Ellie’s Instagram to follow her journey.